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Yes or No ?

Yes or No ?


First, I'll show that there is an interesting video chat room in general:
Videochat without borders!
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By the way, video chat is much more convenient where there is no advertising,
nothing superfluous on the Russian videochat of wounders:

With the help of such a service as "Video chat with a casual interlocutor" you can chat using a webcam with a person from any corner of our planet in real time. Once this innovation attracted users of the program by its unusualness, because it's very interesting to communicate with a person from another city or even a country.

I, by the way, already wrote on a similar topic here:

Russian Videochat - Roulette
Video chat - Russian roulette and other entertainment on the Internet.
Raneti ru - videochat.

To use some video chats, you are asked to register, which takes a couple of minutes of your time. Before registering, you can enjoy enjoying chatting with the webcam! - Russian videochat roulette

The most current videochat No advertisements. There is a Premium mode. You can choose interlocutors for cities and even countries. Well, I'm not saying that there you can buy a code and give someone Premium access.

There is also a text chat and a huge bunch of questionnaires with girls.

The Kazakhstani chat "GYR-GYR"! Video chat is based on the classic engine from, just inserted into the page. This page is positioned as a Kazakh video chat, but no one interferes with finding an interlocutor from Russia or Ukraine. A convenient window for viewing the interlocutor, the alarm button, everything is as it should be.

This chat is a regular Russian video chat and is a means of communication for modern youth. This chat is simple enough. Two windows allow you to see yourself and your interlocutor on the screen of your monitor. Next, there is a window to send a message to one or another interlocutor.

Also, you can mark your gender, and the gender of the desired interlocutor, then the search will be limited to the data that you provided.

This site gives you the opportunity to communicate with the webcam simultaneously with several interlocutors without registration. On this site you can choose your avatar, specify gender, age and city. By the same parameters, you can choose an interlocutor.

By specifying your e-mail address and password, you can save your character on the site, as well as save necessary contacts and conversations.

This site as well as all the other video chats gives you the opportunity to chat with new interesting people from any city of our planet. This site you have to leave, if you do not dare to allow access to the microphone and webcam of your computer. To register on this site, you need to enter your e-mail address and provide the password for the login, then you can choose an interesting interlocutor.

This site has its own rules, therefore, it is necessary to get acquainted with them, so as not to disturb. You can also add friends you like to your friends, encourage them, that is, say a compliment, or vice versa, complain about infamous behavior to the moderator of the site.

This video chat died ..
This application "" Video chat with a casual interlocutor "" helped you to find new friends or just a pleasure to spend leisure time. All you had to do was connect the webcam and press the "start" button. " After that, the application selected for you a partner. If the partner did not like you, you could always continue searching for the other person.

This application does not have moderators, so in this case you will not be immune from scenes that can be viewed by people over 18years old. Just like in all chat rooms, you can immediately exchange text messages.

This application also died out, and people move from it to other services.
This videochat is also intended for communication via webcam. Nothing superfluous - two windows for video, a window for sending messages to the interlocutor, and the ability to search for a new interlocutor. Easy and easy to use and does not require pre-registration.

Videochat - roulette, gives you the opportunity to communicate with new people, without leaving your home. After registering on the site, you can start communication by clicking the button "Search for an interlocutor". " Also on this site you can view video user profiles, which will facilitate your choice of the interlocutor.

There is nothing superfluous on the site, the developers have tried to make your communication the most comfortable and enjoyable.

This service, however regrettable, has also sunk into oblivion.
This site is designed in English, therefore, users who do not have knowledge of English will find it difficult to understand the sections of the video chat. Videochat as well as everything allows you to exchange text messages, as well as see the interlocutor in real time.

Videochat "Let's talk" allows you to communicate with absolutely not